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Bob Rowland, Principal

The first thing you should know about Bob is that he is a lawyer. But wait—that is a good thing. It turns out Bob is not big on conflict, so the courtroom is not really the place for him. But at the closing table, you will be happy to have him at your side.

After years of practicing law and being a partner in his own law firm, Gonzales and Rowland, Bob discovered his real calling in the title business where he can negotiate deals that make everyone happy. He hit the ground running during the refinancing boom and he became a licensed title agent in 2003. That same year, he opened his first title agency, Access Title Agency, Inc. In 2005, Bob founded Stella Title Agency, which he named after his first daughter.

Instead of hashing it out in front of judge and jury, Bob now channels his attention to detail and his out of the box thinking into helping homeowners successfully sell their homes. Being a lawyer, Bob cannot help the fact that he can spot a problem from a mile away. He uses this skill to anticipate any stumbling blocks and work out solutions well before his clients sit down at the closing table—the last place you want a glitch to come up. He makes a personal commitment to ensure that every closing is successful.

Bob takes a hands-on approach to all aspects of his business and will assist customers through every step of the process from the inception of a title order through the closing. He enjoys working with realtors, brokers, and homeowners and his responsibilities include providing legal counsel, performing many closings personally and handling sales and marketing aspects of the business.

Bob graduated cum laude from Capital University law school in 1999. An Ohio native, he currently lives in Wedgwood with his wife Gina (believe it or not, she is a lawyer, too) and their two young daughters, Stella and Layla. They enjoy fine dining, traveling and watching Backyardigans.

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