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Founded in 2005, Stella Title Agency is the kind of title agency where everyone knows your name. That's because Principal Bob Rowland and his right hand woman, agent and office administrator Tina Kountz, are committed to providing the kind of personalized, comprehensive title service you deserve.

Over the past two years, Stella Title Agency has built a reputation for taking excellent care of our customers. In fact, our commitment to our customers is one of the reasons we were ranked by Business First as one of the top 25 Greater Columbus title agencies.

As an independent agency, we do not have established relationships with, or allegiance to, any one realtor or broker. We are happy to work with these professionals to represent their clients, or to work directly with the homeowner, as it is the seller's right to choose the title agency.

However we come to the table, our number one priority is to represent the best interest of all parties and to make sure every closing goes off without a hitch. We work hard from day one to understand each unique situation, to identity any potential issues and to resolve them to everybody's satisfaction before we all come face to face at the closing.

The result is that all parties go away happy. And it is hard to find fault with that.

Stella Title Agency's offices are conveniently located in Powell. However, we can handle transactions throughout the entire state of Ohio. We are also a member of the Powell Chamber of Commerce.

Most importantly, we will get your closing done right.

Please give us a call to discuss your needs. Or click here to read more about Bob or Tina.

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