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For Sale By Owner
Congratulations on the decision to sell your own home! As you are already well aware, there are many benefits to going it alone without the added expense of working with a real estate agent. However, you are also taking on added responsibility. For starters, as the seller, you are responsible for choosing the title company that will provide title insurance for the transaction.

So where do you start? I would like to suggest Stella Title Agency, Inc., a full service title agency with offices conveniently located in Powell, Ohio. Of course, as the principal of the company, I am a bit biased. But I have built my business on providing services above and beyond what you might expect from many title agencies. In a for-sale-by-owner transaction like yours, these little extras can make a big difference.

First, in addition to being a licensed title agent in the State of Ohio, I am also a real estate attorney. I have performed literally thousands of successful transactions, and I have more than seven years of real estate law experience. But enough about me. The point is that by having both areas of expertise, I can help you coordinate all the documents required to legally transfer your property to the buyer and ensure a smooth closing. And I can also represent your specific legal interests in the transaction. This second point is particularly important because the people buying your home will almost certainly be working with an agent hired to protect their rights.

In addition to title search and title insurance services, I also provide the following services at no additional charge:

  • Contract writing and negotiation services.
  • Continual legal advice before, during, and after the transaction.
  • Professional settlement (closing) at the location of your choice.
  • Access to online tools including forms, contracts, and calculators for figuring your net proceeds from the sale.

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